Not all iron in the iron Rambo In the same mass delusion: if you've got lots of muscles, strong everywhere. Even in bed... but that's what happened with the well known actor He is Rambo or rocky, how you want... He would have this mighty Hollywood actor, maybe, and didn't really advertise their temporary "men's weakness". But meticulous (and pernicious) journalists from the Los Angeles newspaper the "news Extra" unearthed this fact in the biography of a movie star and published it, furnish picturesque details. This is not a angelic publication in "City of angels" (Los Angeles), close to Hollywood, it is clear that the sight of newsmen are stars of the screen, or rather, the scandalous details of their private life. And here's the curious thing. Though suing them heroes of their works, never yet the case in court, "victims of yellow feather" to win failed. As for, he did not try to sue. This story took place. So... The streets of the city talking sports gait anatomically correct male. And nobody can even come to the idea that a man in the full sense of the word, he not so long ago was not. In order to return to a "healthy lifestyle", 44-year-old had to undergo a special operation. And now his beloved Jennifer has no reason to complain of her lover. But before that... In the newspaper about this part of life told one of my friends "iron Rambo". Sly (Sylvester the so-called friends), and not spoiled by nature physical properties, decided to build muscle by using steroids. That bodybuilder Stallone of force, weight and muscle began to increase rapidly. Biceps and pectoral muscles he conquered his fans. Strength training in combination with steroids have turned him into a mighty man. But that was sly that such practice may be different effect. The anabolics can not only increase his strength by leaps and bounds, but also to make it impotent. Soon he had to verify in bed. And not once... — When sly met Jennifer Flavin, the situation was critical, — tells the newspaper "Extra news" buddy Stallone. — 22-year-old beautiful woman some mighty muscles was not enough. She was also a smart man, saying to Him: "You're an intelligent man. You don't have some silly power. It was time to stop with those pills". In addition, Jennifer told him to go on a diet. To eat only food of vegetable origin and no red meat. "Maybe it'll help you," said she. And then Stallone led the struggle for their love. He began to regularly visit Dr. Demopoulos of new York University. He was fixing him a special "cocktail". "Rocky" felt younger again, but sex... Sex was not. He was scared that he could lose Jennifer forever — continues the man. And decided on surgery. The operation, which resulted in the erection at any provided time. In America this type of surgery is not new, and doing them masterfully. But Sly was still hard to decide. And suddenly the success will be only a plausible, but not life — was drilling the thought. But there was nowhere to retreat. Jennifer was needed in the end this guy. We will not go into the technology operations and the office with which it was performed. The main thing was achieved: the calm and Stallone, and satisfaction Jennifer. "So was this solved a painful problem so preserved this remarkable pair," said buddy then Sylvester.

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